Glen Wiley's Jeep CJ2A Links

These links are the pages I have found most helpful in figuring out this whole Jeep thing and the CJ2A in particular.

General Information and Discussion Sites

The CJ2A Page
This appears to be the most active forum page on the CJ2A.
This site has the most up to date listings for jeeps for sale. It looks as though they aggregate from multiple sites (including craigslist). This is probably the best place to go if you are looking for a jeep to buy, it is the site I used to find mine.
Parts Database
This site provides a web form for looking up parts lists by part group and sub-assembly. It is nice for a quick check on bolt sizes etc. but doesn't look like exploded views are available.
Surplus City Jeep Parts
These guys provide a nice website that show exploded views and parts lists


Rick Stivers T-90 Rebuild Guide
This seems to be the authoritative source for detailed instructions on rebuilding the T-90 transmission.
T-90 Exploded View
The image links on the T-90 rebuild page were broken when I was looking for the info, this PDF offers an exploded view with an explanation of each of the parts.